Looking for the perfect gaming chair?

A true gamer understands the importance of a well chosen gaming setup. You have carefully selected or maybe even built your own gamer PC, you are the proud owner of the best reviewed gaming keyboard and mouse and your monitor is state of the art. Possibly you even have a gaming desk that meets all your requirements.

But why forget one of the most important things? Yes, a gaming chair that gives the best support for your back, but still enables you to move freely. One that looks amazing and is practical at the same time. Whether you enjoy first person shooters, racing or adventure games, your chair is a crucial part of your setup that will enhance your performance and experience.

Different types of gamers require different gamer chairs. Price could be a key factor, but luckily gaming chairs can be very affordable. Maybe your thing is an over the top, sci-fi looking chair. Or you could be looking for something more traditional with the perfect ergonomic design. There is a chair for everyone!

Crucial things to look for in a gaming chair:

A chair that’s got your back– look for chairs with full back support and good armrests

Tilt mechanism – The chairs with a reclining option adjust your back to the chair, depending on your movement

Full 360 degrees of swivel rotation – this enables dynamic movement.

Breathable material – Chairs with good material will prevent your back from becoming all sweaty

Warranty – Warranties don’t always guarantee good quality, but if one brand offers 1 year and the other 10, in most cases the latter one is probably is the better choice.

Now that you know why gaming chairs can be a real game-changer (pun intended), shop some of our favorite chairs below!